Lot of 1 kilo of black tourmaline

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Lot of 1 kilo of black tourmaline
  • Lot of 1 kilo of black tourmaline
  • Lot of 1 kilo of black tourmaline
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Lot of 1 kilogram of raw black tourmaline (2 to 5 pieces).

They are pieces of raw black tourmaline that weigh between 100 grams to 600 grams and measure between 3 cm to 10 cm, available to buy in lots of 1 kilo.

Each batch of 1 kilogram consists of 2 to 5 pieces.

Due to the raw and natural state, the measures and forms are very varied and irregular and are not ready to be placed on foot, although some remain in various positions.

This variety of rough black tourmaline usually releases some dust or small pieces, which indicates that it is natural.

The black tourmaline is a protective stone for both people and the environment.

Photo by sampling. We will send pieces similar to those presented in the image, any doubt or preference, please contact us.

Origin: Brazil. Variety: schorl.


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