Black rough tourmaline

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Black rough tourmaline
  • Black rough tourmaline
  • Black rough tourmaline
  • Black tourmaline rough

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Black tourmaline (schorl) rough by weight.

They are pieces of black tourmaline that are sold per unit with available weights to choose from 200 grams to 1 kilo.

In the photo you can see samples of pieces from the lot. The measurements are very varied, depending on the weight and the grossor a piece may be more or less high. A piece of the same quality will be sent according to the selected weight.

The weight can vary by about 10 grams for more or less.

Black tourmaline is indicated for energies cleaning and protection against bad vibrations.

Origin: Brazil

Variety: Schorl.

As it is a piece of tourmaline in raw state it is natural that small particles or dust of this mineral may be released.


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