Extra Amethyst Druse

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Extra Amethyst Druse
  • Extra Amethyst Druse
  • Extra Amethyst Druse
  • Extra Amethyst Druse

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Amethyst Druse extra.

This amethyst druse, coming from Uruguay, has a large number of small tips and crystallizations of purple tones and a beautiful shine.

This piece of amethyst measures about 15,5 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm and weighs approximately 2 kg.

Amethyst drusen are widely used in feng shui to achieve a more balanced environment.

Amethyst drusen are natural pieces that provide all the properties of this mineral. Amethyst transforms the negative energy into positive and raises the spirit. It fosters spiritual growth and evolution, and facilitates the development of intuition.



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