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Collection of 3 agate geodes

price: (Retail) 48,40 € tax incl.

Delivery not included, free for orders over 50€ (peninsular Spain)

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Collection of 3 agate geodes (1 kilo).

Collection with 3 pieces of agate geodes (1 kilo). Beautiful collection of agate geodes with eight varied pieces. Price is for the complete collection.

Agate geodes described here are small to mediumbeing formats, colors and sizes are presented varied.

There are 5 collections available for your choice. The approximate weight of each batch (8 agate geodes together) is 1 kilo or more.

Agate geodes are powerful tools in Feng Shui, also agates are considered magical stones. In the overall decor, a geode agate is cherished for its originality and rarity.

To select one lot must choose a number on the dropdown menu, the photo will be present for the lot that will be sent.

The average size of about geodes agate collections is 4,5 cm high the smallest to the largest 10 cm, being very assorted measures.

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