Blue agate, strings of beads

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  • Ágata Azul - bolas
  • Ágata Azul - bolas 6 mm
  • Ágata Azul - bolas 8 mm
  • Ágata Azul - bolas 10 mm
  • Ágata Azul - bolas 12 mm
  • Ágata Azul - bolas 14 mm
Ágata Azul - bolas 6 mm
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Threads of natural agate beads dyed blue.

They are pretty beads pierced with blue agate, threaded in threads about 40 cm long.

Being a natural stone has beautiful veins, the dyeing gives it a vibrant blue color and highlights the natural bands of the stone.

With different available measures, you can choose and buy the sizes that best suit your creations.

They are beads with a lot of luster and beautiful natural veins, very characteristic of the agate stone.


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