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Handcrafted necklaces made with semi precious stones


  • Long Necklaces

    We sell a wide variety of handcrafted long necklaces made with semi precious stones and crystals of high quality and at a good price.

    Our fine bijouterie necklaces are the perfect fashion complement, ideals to show off your best looks.

    The gemstones long necklaces are available to buy online retail and wholesale.

    Necklaces made with: carnelian, jade, amethyst, turquenite, fluorite, quartz, crystal quartz, obsidian, sodalite, agate or aventurine.

  • Short Necklaces

    We have a great variety of handmade chokers and short necklaces made with semi precious stones and crystals of high quality and at a very affordable price.

    They are bijouterie necklaces that you can use as fashion accessories and wear with your different looks.

    Each necklace or choker of this category is a handcrafted jewel with an original design. The crystals and semi precious stones used in our short necklaces are: fluorite, quartz, crystal quartz, obsidian, sodalite, black and blue agate, green aventurine, tiger eye, calcite, coral, carnelian, jade, amethyst and turquenite.

    Each necklace is composed of one or more semi precious stones that create a perfect ensemble to wear it. They also bring the energetic properties of crystals.

  • Men's Necklaces

    Retail and wholesale selling of men's necklaces. Our necklaces for man are truly unisex, but both the natural stones that have been selected and the color of them and their properties according to the gem therapy, make them special and appropriate for men. Unisex necklaces very suitable for men.

    These men's necklaces that we offer follow the current fashion in male necklaces, making them ideal fashion accessories to complete your best looks.

    The crystals and natural stones used in these necklaces are: jasper, carnelian and tiger eye.

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In this section you can buy a large selection of bijouterie necklaces in semi precious stones.

These handmade necklaces are made with natural stone beads with an excellent price and quality.

We have a wide variety of bijouterie necklaces, as long necklaces, short necklaces and man necklaces, which are ideal as complements and fashion accessories with which combine your looks.

In addition, the handmade jewelry made with semi precious stones presents a number of properties that are very good for people.

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