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Semi precious stones and stones for bijouterie


  • Agate

    Agate is not really a gemstone, but rather a set of microcrystalline varieties of quartz (silica). Actually, they are varieties of chalcedony which have bands of multiple colors with little contrast. Agate can be found in volcanic rocks whose size can range from very small (only a few millimeters) to several meters.

    In our shop we have a large selection of agate geodes.

    Discover the agate as a decorative element for your home through these druses and geodes.

  • Amethyst

    Amethyst is a macrocrystalline variety of the quartz crystals. Its violet color, sometimes intense, depends on the amount of iron (Fe+3) it contains. In this case, being amethyst geodes, this crystal is grouped into a cavity. Regarding its color, it may be colored by areas with transparent or yellow quartz. The points of amethysts tend to be darker or degraded to the colorless quartz.

    In UniArt you can buy the amethyst druse you like the most at the best price with an excellent quality and beauty.

  • Citrine

    Citrine is a gemstone of the quartz family, yellow, whose name comes from the Latin word "citrus", lemon. Its color can change from pale yellow to orange tones. This gem has a hardness of seven on the Mohs scale.

    The process of formation of the citrine quartz occurs when the violet of the amethyst is so pale that loses its value as a gem. Because of this effect, the use of citrine has become more common. The countries that exploit this procedure to obtain the citrine stone are Uruguay and Brazil.

    Natural citrine is hard to find, so to get a similar stone the amethyst is heated. The violet amethyst is considerably more common.

    However, we have a wide selection of citrine within the citrine geodes category.

  • Quartz

    Quartz or crystal rock is a crystal composed of silica (SiO2). After feldspar, it is the most abundant crystal in the earth's crust, being present in large quantities of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks. Within quartz properties, it is noted for its hardness and resistance to weathering at the Earth's surface.

    Therefore, it is very common to use this crystal as a decoration element, for example with a quartz druze.

    We have different sizes and shapes, so we invite you to choose the quartz geode you like the most.

  • Tourmaline

    We are going to explain the origin of the black tourmaline stone.

    The term tourmaline has its origin in the Sinhalese word "touramalli", which means "mixed colored stones", whose name was originally applied to a number of stones, primarily zircons. Also, it is thought that its name may come from the Sinhalese word "Turamali", which means "stone that attracts the ashes," which refers to its pyro-piezoelectric peculiarities.

    In our shop we have a wide selection of tourmaline stone, specifically black tourmaline, which is ideal to block both negative energies and bad feelings of the people.

  • Rough Stones

    If you love collectable crystals, this category is focused on selling rough mineral specimens for collectors.

    We have rainbow quartz, blue quartz, green quartz, rose quartz, hematite, sodalite and kyanite.

    All minerals are rough and many of them have cutted-base so that they can be placed standing as in an exhibition.

To see all products of Natural stone please visit the subcategories.

Natural stone 

In this section, dedicated to the sale of semi precious stones, we stand out for offering a great variety of natural stones strands of high quality and at a good price for later personal assembly, so that you can carry out your own creations and designs.

Beads of quartz, amethyst, agate, jade or jasper are examples of what you will find in the category of natural stones beads.

Semi precious stones for every taste

We offer variety in the type of stones and in their size and shape, because the tastes of those who will wear the bijouterie ornaments can be very different: there are people who prefer small details, but others, however, are more flashiness inclined.

For that reason, we offer stones into strands of various sizes, from the smallest diameter of 6 mm to the largest, which can reach 14 mm.

And not only in size, the variety is also in the shapes: round, faceted, lentil or olive, chips, square or oval beads, etc. We offer the widest variety of shapes and sizes you can think of so that you can unleash fantasy when designing these pieces for people of all kinds, or in ourselves.

Stones for all kinds of ornaments

Such stones are used for both assembling bijouterie ornaments and jewelry pieces. You can use these natural stones beads for anything you want, from the most daring earrings to the most classic necklace, from a simple pendant to the most sophisticated bracelet. There is a perfect stone for each design and we can offer it.

In addition, the sale is made both retail and wholesale. If you want to take advantage of our prices for professionals, please seek access as wholesale customer. We also have stock to always ensure prompt service.

When searching for the best semi precious stones, in the widest range of shapes, sizes and colors and at the best price, UniaArt offers the widest range in the market.

Prices are shown in retail (including 21% VAT).