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Jewels and bijouterie made with crystals and semi precious stones


  • Rings

    Selling of rings, alliances and rings for handkerchiefs. Everything is made with the finest natural stones.

    They are fashion accessories of great quality and at good price, with special properties due to the stones with which they are made.

    We have special prices in packs with several units and the possibility of buying unit sizes.

  • Pendants

    Sale of handmade pendants made with semi precious stones and natural gemstones. The sizes and shapes of these beads and bijouterie are varied, so they can be points, hearts, higa (fists), circles and tumbled stones.

    These pendants are ideal for the chakras and are accompanied by the meanings and properties of the different stones with which they are made and what are their qualities.

    Our pendants are handcrafted with various crystals and semi precious stones like onyx, rose quartz, agate, tourmaline, unakite, jade, jasper, white quartz, etc.

    Professionals: consult in the wholesale area how to buy with wholesale prices.

  • Necklaces

    In this section you can buy a large selection of bijouterie necklaces in semi precious stones.

    These handmade necklaces are made with natural stone beads with an excellent price and quality.

    We have a wide variety of bijouterie necklaces, as long necklaces, short necklaces and man necklaces, which are ideal as complements and fashion accessories with which combine your looks.

    In addition, the handmade jewelry made with semi precious stones presents a number of properties that are very good for people.

  • Handmade Bracelets

    Find a great variety of bracelets made with the best semi precious stones in a handmade process that makes them very special products.

    In addition, each bracelet has special characteristics thanks to the power of the crystals in your hands.

    We sell bracelets that are fine bijouterie, ideal as fashion accessories and for specific purposes, because they provide people who carry them the different properties of each stone.

    Our prices are low and you can get significant discounts due to the promotional packs to buy retail and wholesale.

    Within this range, we have lucky bracelets, Tibetan bracelets, Buddhist bracelets, mantra bracelets and many more.

    We invite you to discover them!

  • Vintage Watches

    Discover our vintage watches with esoteric symbolism as moons, butterflies, turtles, owls or dolphins, among others.

    These special watches are characterized for being hooked to a carabiner, so they can be hung and used in different ways as in bags, key chains, backpacks or where you like.

    They are clad in dark bronze and although each vintage watch has different measures, they usually are between 2 cm and 5 cm.

    In the individual description of each watch, you will find all the concrete and accurate information of each model.

To see all products of Jewels and Bijouterie please visit the subcategories.

Jewels and Bijouterie 

In this section you have a wide variety of jewelry and bijouterie made with crystals and semi precious stones of different sizes, shapes and colors.

We sell a lot of fashion accessories such as rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, all made with crystals and semi precious stones. All these products are handmade pieces that for being manufactured in these materials, in addition to being decorative and fashionable, have special characteristics.

And it is that the properties of crystals are many and varied, depending on the crystal chosen.

In our shop we have rings and all kinds of bijouterie in gemstones and semi precious stones like tiger eye, tourmaline, rose quartz, crystal quartz, quartz of different colors, green aventurine, orange aventurine, blue aventurine, turquenite, lapis lazuli, carnelian, jades of various colors, geodes, etc.

The sale of jewelry and bijouterie is made both retail and wholesale. To take advantage of our prices for professionals please seek access to the wholesale area.

Prices are shown in retail (including 21% VAT).