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Secure Payment

Secure Payment

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100% Secured Payment:

We have several methods of secure payment:


Payment by bank transfer or deposit:

Since BBVA. You are the recipient of our data and make payment at any time will be requested your bank details. In case of transfer fees they are as usual from your bank.   


Secure payment with credit card or debit Redsys.

Payment by TPV digital RESYS is done directly on the secure payment page of the payment gateway of the bank BBVA. Transaction security is guaranteed by Redsys and BBVA.


Secure payment by PayPal or credit card or debit card.

The PayPal payment is made directly on the secure payment page of PayPal which guarantees at all times the safety of your data.  

For credit card payments you need not have PayPal account, simply enter your data in the form of PayPal payment.


Payment on delivery:

Accepted payment on delivery only for orders over 30 € and destination for mainland Spain.

Couriers charges a management fee of 3% of the total purchase amount with a minimum fee of 3,00€.

Shipment cost is the normal cost + VAT plus commission.

For orders over 200 € the shipping is only possible for wholesale customers with verified account.

In the event that the customer refuses the shipment, the amount paid will be refunded to the buyer minus shipping and handling and return the order.

In any case we will contact the buyer by telephone to tell the time and confirm all delivery details.

Except for COD only ship items whose payment has been cleared and verified.      


If you need more help, please apply by phone 966476260, e-mail: or use our online chat support in the lower right corner of the monitor.     

 We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Prices are shown in retail (including 21% VAT).