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Collection of 3 amethyst druses

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Collection of three amethyst druse from Uruguay.

They are druse of amethyst of excellent quality, coming from Uruguay selected in collections of 3 pieces.

There are several sets available, being that the total weight of each collection (set) is approximately 2.5 kilos.

The approximate heights of each druse are:

Set 1: 11,5 cm, 11,5 cm y 8 cm.

Set 2: 15 cm, 13 cm y 11,5 cm.

Set 3: 11 cm, 13,5 cm y 8,5 cm.

Set 4: 9.5 cm, 14 cm and 9 cm.

Set 5: 10 cm, 12 cm and 10 cm.

To buy one of the amethyst druse collections you have to select the number of the set and add it to the cart.

Selecting a set will show the corresponding photos of it.

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